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Apple AirPods: All you need to know about

11/08/2016 by admin with 0 comments

Apple AirPods: All you need to know about

After the official announcements the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, we all know that there are no headphone jacks. Most likely, people claim that flagships contain lightning adapter with 3.5mm jack. The rest of the users try to use Bluetooth headset Airpods. Those who prefer Apple products, the wait are no longer because the new Apple AirPods in Canadian markets is available. Apple releases Airpods W1 with a proprietary processor – check out our preliminary overview about the new wireless headphones.

Processor W1

It seems company, in fact wants to gradually get rid of the wire; new W1 processor is actually a brain of the wireless headset that increases the progress of all functionalities as well as frequent connection. Due to advance processor the headset will charge faster and also respond voice accelerometers detect it and identify when you begin to speak.

The user just needs to sync AirProds with their compatible device just open the case turn on your device and your headset is connected to the device. As well, custom design, wireless optimizes audio file transfer, the battery consumption is very slow and battery life is up to 5 hrs. The same processor is also installed it Beats Solo3 Wireless, Powerbeats3 Wireless and some other headsets; following are most popular Bluetooth headsets. These Bluetooth headsets also compatible with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

AirPods: Shape, Design and Sound Quality

The shape, design and sound quality are the most convenient part of the headset. Earphone design is actually just like same as wire headphones, but this time not wires. Each earphone equipped with an optical sensor that is activated when the user connects their compatible device. Also the optical sensor helps user to play, pause the music automatically. Both earphones carry microphones, antenna, battery and w1 processor. However when user successfully synchronize the earphones with iPhone, they will automatically connect to the compatible Apple watch, Macbooks, iPads and iPods.

But wait! What else is your AirPods can do? This is the best question. Rather than listening to music all the time now user can also call Siri. To do this, just double tap the headphone anywhere and Siri voice command start working. Unfortunately, if a user wants to change the volume the only way to do so is to give a voice command via SIRI, which might be little irritate for users.

However, to answer the incoming call you have to just single tab the headphone; no need of SIRI. Both of the new launches Apple Smartphone have the protection with water and dust, but the new Airpods has no protection, so be cautious with it to carry light rain or use with wet fingers.

Battery and Charging

Lack of wire headphone is actually the need of Apple new design or novelty features. Airpods come with special case in which user can charge them; the user needs to charge the case and headphones, simply plug into and outlet box through lightning cable and it starts charging.

Apple Airpods Pricing and Availability

Do not expect amazing quality sound from AirPods because it is just same as the wired headphones or even wired headphones still sound better. But the wireless devices get better day by day; newest member is the Sony Xperia Ear wireless headphone which is also waterproof and come with better sound.

You cannot find Apple Airpods inside the box with iPhone 7, they are quite expensive: $219 CAD dollar, but such prices comparable to the other wireless headphone is still acceptable.

Find Best Prices: Apple AirPods in Canada is available now!!

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