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Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Red Versions at Canadian Stores Online

03/22/2017 by admin with 1 comment

Apple Has Launched iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Red Special Editions

Canadian flag contains two colors; white & red. The RED color in the flag is a mark of Canadian sacrifice throughout World War. Now it is good news for Apple fans’ lives in Canada!! American tech giant makes an announcement of some new gadgets on 22th Feb, 2017 & extend iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus line through RED Special Edition. In the markets, there are some carriers offering iPhone 7 RED Edition, you will find price comparison for all variations include 128GB / 256GB options.

Here’s what the new iPhone 7 in RED looks like:

True Reason Why Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Turns (RED)

A large scale worldwide campaign aimed at combating the syndrome of AIDS would not be so imposing without the participation of the famous tech giant company Apple Inc. The Cupertians since last year, making its effort to contribute in a good cause, mainly they are funding for the development of the global funds to fight AIDS under the “RED Program”.


Apple now confirms it is becoming sponsor for the fund. During the partnership, they transferred approximate one thirty million us dollar from the total amount of four sixty five million U.S. dollars labeled “RED”. The announcement of different gadgets includes mobile phones, portable devices, headphones etc in the RED color allowed to make the world better by provided that inhabitants of the poorest places of our planet with antiretroviral drugs referred to as ARV.

Apple just turned its App Store, and related all the popular apps color red for the world AIDS day.

This partnership between Apple and the RED has not lost its importance for more than ten years. In spite of this important and most significant event ever, Apple decided to release its signature product iPhone 7 in RED Special Edition, same for the iPhone 7 Plus. However the characteristics of both phones are quite different compared with predecessor models – the red case, which symbolizes the Apple contribute to HIV / AIDS.

Cost of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus – RED Special Editions

However, the both iPhone’s has not undergone with any technical advancements. Both models are offered in built in 128GB storage and 256GB storage. In Canada markets, the claimed retail prices of the iPhone 7 in RED with flash memory for 128GB/ 256 GB is starting from $1,029 CAD — $ 1179 CAD and available for shipment after Friday, March 24th, 2017.



3 years ago

that is really good step taken by Apple CEO Tim Cook, this is something required and responsibility of such big organization to take best possible steps against this kind of disease

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