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Gold Price in Canada - October 16, 2019 Gold Rate Live Today | Silver, Palladium, Platinum

Today Live Gold Price in Canada

The following table shows you the latest Gold Price in Canada in Canadian dollar; updated on a daily basis to give you today live Gold Rate in Canada (Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa, Victoria) and all the cities of the region. Latest Gold Prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD) measurements in per gram, per ounce for all metals include Price of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. We are proudly introduced to you this information; easily find out Gold Price for an ounce of Gold in Canada (oz) rates of 1gm Gold in Canada Dollar. Find the Prices/Rate of Gold according to the purity include 18K, 22k, 24k (Karat) gold prices for all qualities and quantities people are searching for such as: 1gm, 8gm, 199gm, 1k, 1ounce, 1 tola etc. Additionally, to give you detail analysis on the Live Gold updates and news we updated historical chart; you can sort out our chart according to Week, Month, Day or any custom selected time period so you can find out more briefly the historical forecasts.

Advanced Real-Time Gold Price CAD Chart

Conversion : 1 ounce (31.1 grams)


Gold Market Analysis: Investments & Why Own Gold in Canada

One of the most respected materials by the Investors all over the world is in fact Gold – because market crash or areas with the Gold rates. Because Gold is measured at base source of the currency for thousands of years the main reason is its preciousness. Especially around 800 B.C when valuable Coins are full of this precious material considered as a currency. So, throughout the centuries people of every country hold the same metal as a sign of currency or used the Gold for various reasons; today the Gold Prices are being forecast country by country.

Unlike paper currency or coins you can use the same material for investing and it is a perfect asset for you to maintain your wealth for ages. In the world’s top economically growing countries, especially countries like Canada you can easily buy or sell Gold or make an investment by buy bullion gold bars. Many people all over the world looking for the Gold Bars to buy in best economical prices so you can find on the internet all countries’ rates for all the weights.

However, the best way to hold the gold is not a doubt are gold bars; bullion dealers are widely available and you can find trusted once that provide the best service according to your requirements. But keep this in your mind that these bars are also available to sell to major banks or you can directly buy Gold bars in Canada from major banks without the help of any broker. Prices vary indeed, according to country currency and sizes; for instance, traditional sizes of beer are 1oz, 10g, 5g, 2.5g and 1g.

People all over the world see this precious metal as a way to raise their wealth from one generation to the next generation which is why they hold on with it. That is the major reason Gold has historically for centuries have been an exceptional hedge against inflation. By simply following price trends and compare it to the cost of living in Canada Gold plays an important role to control inflation.


Canadian Dollar Relay On Black Gold Export

As well all know the most important currency in the world is US Dollar; where as one of the top in the list is Canadian currency that vary on the Dollar; because of raise in the Gold prices or fall down often weakens the Canadian currency.

In many countries the Currency is relay on the Oil prices or Gold prices; where as in this region the currency relay on export of Black Gold. But, the decline in the CAD Dollar take place because of numbers of reason, many times there is effect on trade or else.

In 2008 there is world wide financial crisis which effect many countries but some how Canada make its way out of such wrath crisis. Canada was actually one of the very few countries in the world does not have major effect on economy but yes they as well suffer little while in later 2008. Pull back in 2008 after very short time Canada turn out to be beneficiary of enormous world wide fund flows but actually what work best for the favor of their economy? Answer is very vast but one of the major reason is the export of Black Gold. We will update also our short analysis on trends of Export of Gold in the region with respect to trademark.

The Many Uses of Gold – Canadian Global Investors

November 14, 2016 Update: The two precious metals Silver & Gold both are similar in many ways, but silver has few more advantages as making a comparison with the gold. But Silver is in fact not the enemy of the Gold, the only enemy of the Gold is gold itself, because of its worldwide usage basically production in jewelry items, this is widely used in the field of investment. Such growth in the prices of the Gold, it can be easily returned to the market or will be remaining in their actual form.

But the situation of the other precious material “Silver” is quite different because most of this metal used in the industry especially electronic industry used it a lot. The large amount of Silver every year lost and cannot be returned back in the market, which is why this is more valuable. Just like in other Countries, Canada store Gold in central banks, but no Silver can be found. The major cause is the long term shortage of this metal in 1980s, which cause inefficient production in the mines. Therefore, states all over the world have to steadily cover the shortfall from the stocks, and nowadays these assets are useless and waste.

Where & how to Invest Gold?

This metal has long been covered for a feature element of the worldwide financial and monetary system. The reserves of this metal that lust is not like Silver and are very few, they yellow metal refines able and accumulated. For the investment, Gold bars nowadays serve as the most important piece pieces of funding and investment. But the usage of the Gold is not limited to investment only, also use in jewelry worldwide, technology industries used it a lot and in medicine as well. The value of the yellow metal for industrial production due to its special properties: some of which are unique such as malleability and ductility. Due to these qualities it can be used in raw material such as wire or aluminum foil sheet etc.

The most common use in modern industry is as follow:

• Usage in transport industry
• Usage in chemistry and petroleum industry
• Usage in energy sources
• Usage in electronic industry
• Usage in telecommunication
• Usage in nanotechnology
• Usage in Aviation and space industry

All over the world such yellow metal usage is also as a filler material in the production of modern measurement devices, for example thermocouples, galvanometer etc. There is also another industry where it is used, gold used as the coating of mirrors designed to operate in the far infrared radial range of nuclear research, usage is also now for the shell of tactical neutron bomb. Due to the capability of this material to return infrared light metal; scientist found more usage of the gold in glass industry. Metalized sapphire windows used in the buildings now that allow the most of the rays to reflect and avoid heat to come inside the buildings.



3 years ago

thanks for the updated gold prices... really appreciate your research

Joe Eric

3 years ago

useful information on your page also now include history graph that is quite helpful for canada buyers to track the previous rate and predict about future rates of gold and other metals

Brenton W. Arndt

3 years ago

Galvanic metal plating eliminates corrosion processes and thin plate of soft gold alloys are important in the field of ultra-high vacuum research.

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3 years ago

Fashion for the metal is unlikely to take place over time, so the question of where the gold is still used by man. They can safely used the jewelry in business.


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yup thats good real time Gold price update thank you so much prxica :)

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it is nice chart with the history but also i need a index of all the per gram, kg and ounce rates for gold in single page. And how much is the difference of prices with the 22K and 24k gold

Jestoni Adolfo

3 years ago

Jewelry production has always been and remains the largest consumer of the yellow metal

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nice place to checkout today price; but tell me can i also set a notifier with my custom prices when it will fall down to my expectation suddenly i wan to be notified. Is it is possible please tell me this is my account.

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22K 10 Grams prices are not updated? or included? please show also the graph and the live rates of the 22k 10 grams gold so it is more easy and use more in the markets


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Great finally I found website which shows up to date Gold rates Thank you Prixca keep it up :)

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i want also the rate of the silver of the Canadian market. And what about the history graph of the gold prices


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Also update forex rated and give notification option

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you are right there is need to get the notification via email subscription here. Today’s rate of gold in canada for major markets is really less compare to last week rates.

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