Ajwa Dates (Khujoor) 1KG, 500/ 800 Grams
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Ajwa Dates (Khujoor) 1KG, 500/ 800 Grams PRICE IN CANADA

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Brand: Ajwa
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Price of Ajwa Dates (Khujoor) 1KG, 500/ 800 Grams in Canada

amazon21.04.2017CAD 39.89Al Ajwa Dates a Superfood - Ready to Eat Food, 800g Go To Shop

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price in canada are good, healthy benefits and mainly important for the Muslims across the world.


people are searching for original dates and there question is where to buy ajwa dates in toronto?


i for the first time buy ajwa dates canada and find out that the taste is totally different. Later I also try some different Arabian foods and it is very good in taste


CAD 39.89 rate for the ajwa dates in 1KG, 500Grams or 800 Grams. Please update the prices for all cities in canada

al riaz

please update the prices of 1 kg ajwa dates


thanks for this ajwa khujoor; r you shipping with free of charges on door steps? I am searching for 2kg or 1kg date with special box for Ramadan


Review forAjwa Dates (Khujoor) 1KG, 500/ 800 Grams

Ajwah dates are the most popular dates among Muslims. Do you think? Why? Because they are exquisitely soft, fruity and dark in color. The main thing is Quran and Hadith set a great importance on the benefits of ajwah dates.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:, “If somebody consumes seven ajwah dates in the morning, neither poison nor magic will hurt him that day”. So as a Muslim, it is our belief that every word of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is 100% true.

Healthy Benefits Of Ajwah Dates

1) Ajwah dates are easy to digest, provokes the urine, clean your kidneys and also useful for your liver.

2) Ajwah dates are the perfect natural snack and a good appetizer.

3) Ajwah dates are filled with essential minerals and nutrients that help our body grow, rebuild and continue to function regularly. We know that nutrients consist of potassium which is important for life and also essential for our heart.

4) Ajwah dates consist of magnesium, which keeps your heart rhythm stable and makes your bones strong.

5) If you are eating ajwah dates daily, it will protect you against diseases like heart attack and heart strokes.

6) Eating ajwah dates during pregnancy helps ease the childbirth pain. We obtain more nutrients and minerals from ajwah dates, as compared to other daily food.

7) Ajwah dates can be used to get pregnant. It increases couple’s libido.

Ajwah Dates Are Good For Following Things

• For hypertension
• Prevent anemia
• For healthy bones, healthy skin and eyesight
• Treat fatigue and dementia
• Prevent abdominal cancer
• Protect your heart and circulatory system and strengthen your nervous system

Price Insights forAjwa Dates (Khujoor) 1KG, 500/ 800 Grams
The Ajwa Dates (Khujoor) 1KG, 500/ 800 Grams is manufactured under the name Ajwa and published on April 19, 2017 at 12:39 pm.
Following product is from the category Dates, Grocery
The Ajwa Dates (Khujoor) 1KG, 500/ 800 Grams Price in Canada (Calgary, Montreal and Toronto) is $39.89 and it is sold at 1 online shops in Canada.
Ajwa Dates (Khujoor) 1KG, 500/ 800 Grams For Sale in Calgary, Saskatoon, Delta, Sudbury, Edmonton, Surrey, Fort McMurray, Thunder Bay, Halifax, Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver and shipping available for all cities in Canada.

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