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The Apple’s Siri- Voiced speaker was revealed this month at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple introduced a new product, a smart home speaker called Apple Home Pod. Which is expected to release in December with the price of $349 (CAD 460).

This product will contain many things like a high quality speaker, but one thing, that will surprise you is it’s a Trojan Horse feature for Apple. It is designed to put artificial intelligence in your home, that will talk to you and manage your house and life.

One point is to understand, that it doesn’t follow technologies for their own benefits. It’s designed things that people really wants– may be the user experience or might be the reason why people will pay for it.

The People love to but Apple HomePod because they really want a premium stereo, Apple thinks. According to the Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Comment: The most debatable thing is that, has not got a great level of focus on one thing which is music at home. When I was a kid, audio was on a top on a list of things that you had to have. But is it still important for all age groups, not only for kids. So we are introducing a new technology product that’s going to rock the home.

How it will be different from Amazon Echo and Google Home?

One more thing, Apple is fully focused on privacy. There is no tracking, bloatware, even they are not selling your information. This is not found in Amazon echo and Google home, it will be completely different from both of them, and this is one thing that both companies have been criticized for.

Apple has set a great expectations regarding sound for its smart speaker Home pod. Apple also promises smart-house features, without having any compromise with sound quality.

Amazon has sold 15 million Echo speaker, according to the Forrester. They are ready to launch its new product that will come with a screen to display more information. Now let’s see which will be hit from both of them?

Is The Price Is Higher Than Expected?

Apple introduced Apple HomePod Price in Canada of CAD $460. Amazon Echo sold out with the price $180, and Google home selling its product with $129. The Question is that, will that price be enough to take a first place? We are looking for, its design and performance. Guys, what do you look for Apple Home Pod smart speakers?

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