Apple iPhone 8
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Product Features

  • 4.7" sizes
  • 12MP Camera
  • 4GB RAM
  • A11 Chipset
  • 32/128/256GB
  • 6.1mm thickness
  • 7 MP Camera
  • 2900mAh battery

Price of Apple iPhone 8 in Canada


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Gurvinder Kaur

The main camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels and a front 8 megapixels, with optical stabilization function and aperture F / 1.8


It is possible that Apple will refuse the version of the phone for 32 GB, so buy the iPhone 8 will be in the modifications to 64 or 256 GB of memory. There is no information about the camera or battery. It is likely that they have not changed.

Michelle Jose Licitra
Michelle Jose Licitra

Most likely, iPhone 8 will receive a wireless charging and an updated processor, which will be called Apple A10X or Apple A11.

Nada Hanafy

According to some information the company intends to return to the production of a glass back cover, like the Iphone 4 and 4s, this material is heavier than aluminum and has better characteristics for appearance, but at the same time it is more fragile.

Brian Oak

In Iphone 7, the company completely reworked and improved the processes of photography, making the camera the flagship of the younger model the best on the market, and photos taken by the model plus, many equate to the quality of expensive DSLRs.


i hope they will also include dual lens front camera like its major rivals. Galaxy S8 is all ready to lead the market which is why they have to put some advanced features on next iPhone

Navneet Rao

Some of the reputable, foreign analysts assume that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with an OLED display, in 2016, Apple signed an agreement with South Korean competitor Samsung, to manufacture the corresponding parts for the eighth generation smartphones.

Ana Dimitrova

According to preliminary data, the design of the new iPhone will radically change. It’s no secret that for several years now the frames of Apple phones look large, yet their dimensions have not changed for the last several generations.

Suntosh Kumaarr

design looks similar to the new launch iphones

David Challe

regular EarPods are now not included well the new earpods with Lightning meaning they use the same technology in the iphone 8 with more quality upgrades.

Julie Ann Caoili

they going to present this mobile phone later in 2017 or may be in 2018 because we still have to see iPhone 7s versions. Which will be two new iPhone 7s and 7s plus


Home button is going away for sure in such new gen devices because that give iPhone 8 more room and they can make big screens within remain diagonal size

Sophia Williams

they learn a lesson from Samsung now and also they have to look forward with the future battery proposals. Virtual Home Button, Earpiece, Camera … these are something not that required they must give us high capable batteries for such phones

Hani Ben

the Camera, Specs are remains a key point than. Of course many are looking for the whole different looking phone. Such as the bezel less screen and some big updates to hardware


Seems like their are some crazy updates we going to see in the future innovative flagships. Basically Xiaomi introduces its first or world first with such high end specs screen bezel less phone that looks awesome!! Same kind of phone people expecting for years from Apple. Apple should move forward to enhanced its physical appearance just like they do with software.

Hideya Sakai

dual lens camera on the back side before for the iPhone 7 plus phone. Thanks to a massive phones which comes with some useful features and experiment is now successfull

Gregory Wilson

iPhones has the outdated screen and body ratio compare to other top notch model ruling the market right now. However, about the new iPhone 8 there are some prediction that it carries three different models with differenct screen size and technology difference as well

Paul Berzi

bezel-free iPhone 8? it is going to be the best of all time with the best strategy first time use in the iOS phone. Iconic brand has force technology, wireless technology, good battery and the leading platform

Venisri Senthan

i am expecting the frameless phone just same as the Xiaomi Mi mix and carries 256gb flash storage option or memory card, no need to store online with cloud services

Jason Giles

it will be the most interesting phone carries some amazing features for the photography but expected to just put dual camera lens for the basic version of the iPhone 8 and something more extra ordinary can be used for the Phablet version.

LaToya Muldrew

Samsung believed it could be the only to offer big screens with best viewing experience, now Apple step in the same markets damaging PR of the Galaxy devices with the Plus series; i am expecting a lot more in iPhone 8 Plus phone

Fong Yayen

Its major rivalry model going to make its debut in the mobile world congress 2017. The new Galaxy S8 series; users’ expectations are once again a lot from the Apple to introduce something beyond their imagination. Their is news that manufacturers look forward to put Wireless Charging support for iPhone 8 devices and switch to all-glass casing which is not a doubt a brilliant plan.


the iPhone remains a great phone for the next year as well, there are more gadgets coming specially ipad pro 2, apple watch series 3 and possibly they going to launch their own made headset

Heather Clark

round-up of what to expect from Apple, well 4k screen is expected because they already have good combination of platform plus good hardware.

MaLaginya Ako

classic camera (typical of earlier versions) and the second dual lens camera is for the iPhone 8 plus only.

Erich Gerard

there are some news about the phone carrying a total change shape. may be in future little less round edges on the iPhone 8

Ayen Flores

If you are purchasing a telephone to get the camera, be aware that Apple decided to start the iPhone 7 Moreover without the depth sensing bokeh portrait feature, that is a bit.urprising given how excited Apple was about it throughout the announcement.

Brendi Archuleta

it will be the father of all Smartphone, totally different and innovative thing is coming very soon. Apple also introduce recently some ipads and macbooks in 2017. Also in Red color iPhone 7 arrive that looks quite interesting. But I am also expecting iPhone 7s and 7s Plus to be come very soon in markets… What are the release dates for these iphones?

Samuel Crain

This is the Smartphone designer for perfection but nothing improve compare to the iPhone 6 series; built to last with the same technology and material.

Tania Parsons

Something is surprising all the fans. Mainly the new leaked image of the iPhone 8 exposed the Screen Size is really big and there is no home button on the Screen. That seems interesting to me and massive redesign should make it the most popular Smartphone in 2017 – 2018.


The smartphone promises to turn over and lead the market of first-class mobile devices, users are waiting for new features and advanced design. Next year, the line of flagships from Apple celebrates a round date, marks the 10th anniversary of the release of the first generation Iphone.


The company from Cupertino plans to celebrate this event on a large scale. Before the start of sales Apple iPhone 8 remains less than a year, the scale and plans of the company can only be imagined, the Internet is already full of rumors about a new model of the flagship. Many analysts forecast the transition to Oled technology, and this fact is quite real.

Kristin Bell

This will allow the Iphone 8 to become much thinner, more convenient and easier for predecessors, new technologies will allow you to consume less energy, with more in times of graphics performance, and image transmission quality.


A new battery with an increased capacity of up to 2350 mAh in the standard version and a 3550 mAh version plus, with a wireless charging function.

Lois Currie

Screens of the Korean giant at the moment are the most contrast in the market, have the best viewing angle, and lower power consumption. But this technology has its drawbacks, namely, a shorter service life than LCD panels.

Randy Knowles

The display is made with Super AMOLED technology, the size is 5.5 inches, with the 3D Touch function, Quad HD resolution, and the super strong Corning Gorilla Glass 6 class glass.

Catherine Cotillard

In addition to this, OLED displays are flexible, which can allow you to create an iPhone 8 with a curved screen.

Leonnie Paranda

According to leading analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in 2017, Apple will abandon the usual aluminum for the new flagship model to be different from its predecessors.

Eileen Paredes

It is rumored that the junior model of the eighth iPhone will get a 5.8 inch display instead of the usual 5.5 inches.

Helmut Tholen

If you consider the coming changes and innovations, the name of iPhone 8, will become more logical for the new device.

Shanto Hossain

It is assumed that the release date for the iPhone 8 will be in September 2017. At least in the last few years, presentations of new iPhone are being held this month.

Rosary Cortez

Interestingly, the iPhone 8 can get an OLED display on organic light-emitting diodes. In other words, an energy efficient matrix with wide viewing angles and natural black color.

Mary Wood

Assumptions are similar to the truth, because the company has already taken the first step in this direction – in the iPhone 7, this key has become a touch.

Dawn Rhodes

True, the size of this screen is still unknown, and you can expect anything – from 4.7 to 5.8 inches. It is also possible that, due to the lack of frames, the display will be elongated, with a non-standard aspect ratio, as in LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Lisa Hassenbein Beiler
Lisa Hassenbein Beiler

However, there are suggestions that, due to the difficulties with production, the announcement of the novelty may be postponed to October or November. It is expected that the price for Apple iPhone 8 will start from 850 dollars.


Review forApple iPhone 8

July, 2017 Update: Apple’s new iPhone to become in 2016 and is called iPhone 8 – release date; about the prices, display and all the things you should know about is updated here. The Apple iPhone 8 Price in Canada is available for the different variants; as making comparison to previous iPhone 7 which excludes 16GBthe same we will see on the successor model. Also, there are details about the 256GB model with the flash storage option arrive with different price-tag. The future impression will be iPhone 8; you can find the most latest updated Apple iPhone 8 Price in Canada include Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. In this detailed review, we will discuss about the iPhone 8 Canada Release Date, Price, and Features and think what consumer is expecting to the future marvelous devices. Expected features on the upcoming most high in class Smartphone will be OLED display, A11 Chipset, no home button, wireless charging and a lot more we gonna see. American most famous electronics company in the world has all the time been a benchmark in manufacturing and producing the most personalized phones with immunizing them among innovative features. This can be biggest upgrades to any Apple iPhone ever.

Top News: 25th July 2017

– UBS sees massive pent-up demand for the upcoming iPhone 8 · 4 hours ago
– This is the closest we’ve come so far to seeing a real iPhone 8
BGR · 4 hours ago
– The iPhone 8 isn’t even here yet and Android owners are already switching to Apple
BGR · 1 hour ago

Many professional talks about the recent graphics enhancements before in their devices, we saw the predecessor all devices carries one compact size screen and other PHABLET size which maximizes as well their sales record than before globally. That is very impressive as they once more carry one Phablet phone and standard model to bring out best single hand use. All their fans are supposed to see something unique and go farther than the normal phones.

iPhone 8: Radical New Features

The company has managed somehow to maintain its quality services so you can see a bit higher price-tag according to its astounding performances. Many suggest it is going to be an essential redesign some of the changes can be made with the top and bottom bezels. OLED display is another new signed deal by Apple previously used by many Samsung phones and now makes its debut first time with the Apple iPhone in 2017. But we have to wait a lot now, because there is not any official words by any of their internal employees they bring a new screen technology or something else but this is just a rumor talk, we cannot say anything for sure.

Let us have a look at the other specifications of the iPhone 8 by making a comparison to the predecessor in more depth. The display size of their screen is extended and this time no more Home Button meaning more space will be on the same diagonal size to offer maximum screen. The phone size is expected to be 5.5 inches will come with Gorilla Glass and unbreakable glass and not using LCD display panel anymore. In terms of the performance Apple devices always very powerful among less hardware compare to their rivals, but best optimization among its software; we will see 4GB RAM on the next phone which is much needed to compete against 6GB RAM included in new Samsung Galaxy phones.

Update: Apple is following the rest of modest Smartphones and Phablets, now releasing its biggest Smartphone in 2017. For any Apple fanatic, iPhone 8 Price in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto will vary based on the internal storage varies from 32GB/ 64GB/ 256GB. The cheapest in the series is the basic model packs built in 32GB storage. We will discuss all the assumptions you must know about the upcoming Apple iPhones in 2017. Just like a lot of American company announcements in recent years, the launch/release date of the new Apple iPhone 8 in Canadian markets has been 7th of September 2017. Smartphone iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus go on sale in October – expected to have three models 32GB/64GB and 256 GB. The expectations – in term of general concepts: many are ready for the fact that Apple will launch an expensive Smartphone with some major upgrades which we saw before in iPhone 7 and 7 plus packs Dual Lens Camera, Wireless EarPods with Lightning cable, water proofing technology that surprise many. So many of things will be identical to the previous phones but novelty physical appearance is expected to achieve more attention of iPhone 8 Canada buyers.

iPhone 8 Price Country Wise

The Apple iPhone 8 will cost the same as the previous generation which mean; it is expensive! The starting iPhone 8 Price in Canada will be around $1200 USD but you have to wait for the official release of the phone which is expected on September 7, 2017.

Following are iPhone 8 Price Country Wise (Not Certain):

CountryiPhone 8iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7 Price in USA649 USD769 USD
Price in United Kingdom599 Pound719 Pound
Price in India60000 INR66700 INR
Price in Australia1079 AUD1269 AUD
Price in Canada899 CAD1049 CAD
Price in Japan72800 YEN85800 YEN
Price in UAE (Dubai)2599 Dirham3099 Dirham


Try to understand that this new iPhone is certainly an entirely new model with refined body. The previous gen phone sales start globally on September 16th under the price tag from $649 for the basic 32GB version.

iPhone 8: News & Rumors Update

Smartphone design has been changed, thinner shape and lighter size are totally distinguishable from past two year phones. As we take a look on the iPhone 7 we learned that there is a special version “Black Onyx” a glossy coating on all surroundings, but there are possibilities some scratches are clearly visible on such glossy body. Just like before, touch home button comes with the all similar features in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus but promises even more new scripts working with a pressure touch. Supposed to carry brighter screen and color production will be remarkable, but no change in screen sizes. However, when it comes to the performance everything is simply awesome with the iPhone. If we see the older models using less amount of RAM, but some great upgrade with their Chipset. iPhone 8 – a big step forward by using this time 4GB of RAM by following the Samsung market trend which is supposed to be the major change to boost the performing abilities.

iPhone 8 Trailer 2017: Rumors, Specs, Prices

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