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Google Pixelbook (Laptop) Price in Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Calgary | Specs & Review
Google Pixelbook
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Google Pixelbook PRICE IN CANADA

Sold at 0 online stores in Canada
Category: Computers, Laptops

Key Features

  • Intel Core i5/ i7
  • Battery: 10hrs mixed use
  • 8GB RAM
  • USB-C with fast-charging
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 4 microphones, 2 speakers
  • Camera: 720p
  • Display: 12.3-inch

Price of Google Pixelbook in Canada


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Review forGoogle Pixelbook

You might think that the Google “Pixel” is known for the smartphones, but the Google Chromebook Pixel was the first Pixel-branded device. Now Google introduces a new laptop with the same price tag, but with some new features and name, the “Google Pixelbook”.

The new “Google Pixelbook” comes with stylus support. If we talk about its competitors, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is well-designed, perfect suitable for Android apps and also feature an S-Pen, but it does not like a smart as a Google Pixelbook Pen.

Google Pixelbook Price in Canada

Let’s talk about the price, the Google Pixelbook is not the most affordable device like Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL.

The Google Pixelbook Price in Canada starts from $999 for 128GB model, 8GB of RAM and a 7th generation Kaby Lake Intel i5 Processor and it is a lowest composition.

The top model of Google Pixxelbook features a 16GB of RAM, Intel i7, 512GB of storage capacity with a $1,649 price tag. Basically, the Pixelbook will release on 31st, October, but you can pre-order now.


The new Pixelbook is amazingly thin at 10mm and its weight is only two pounds. It is a slim, sleek and high-end Chromebook, but no different look, if we compared with Pixelbook.

The Google Pixelbook is 4-in-1, as you can use it as a standard laptop, use it as tablet mode by wrap the keyboard as 360 degrees. You can also set it as a tent model, which is good for watching movies, you can also use it for reading books or taking notes.

The new laptop has coated with gripping material, but comfortable. You can also find a USB-C port on each side and on the left side, you will find a 3.5mm headphone jack. The control of the power and volume button are on the left side.

The Pixelbook quarter of a front chassis is covered with glass, according to Google it better the Wi-Fi connectivity, and the rest of the chassis features a silver aluminum unibody. The laptop’s display looks bright, clear, colorful and sharp, as it comes with 22400×1600 pixels of resolution.


This amazing new laptop starts in seconds, and never slow down in any way. As it features with Intel i5 and i7 processors and 8GB of RAM, so you can easily handle multitasking and never disappointed.

It gives you up to 512GB of storage capacity, so you can easily store movies, apps, documents and notes. The pixelbook offer you great battery power, you can able to use it up to 10 hours, and after 15 minutes of charging, it lasts up to 2 hours.

We are also introducing an S Pen (Stylus Pen), it is a smart and efficient stylus, gives you a natural feeling and comfort while sketching and painting.

Google Pixelbook Specifications

• Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7
• 8GB and 16GB of RAM
• 128GB, 256GB and 512GB of storage capacity
• 12.3in Quad HD 235ppi touchscreen
• Stylus Support
• Release Date: 31 October
• Prices: Core i5 + 8GB of RAM+ 128GB Storage Capicity- $999, Core i5 + 8GB of RAM+ 256GB Storage Capicity- $1199, Core i7 + 16GB of RAM+ 512GB Storage Capicity- $1699

Price Insights forGoogle Pixelbook
The Google Pixelbook is manufactured under the name Google Laptops and published on October 11, 2017 at 9:19 am.
Following product is from the category Computers, Laptops
The Google Pixelbook Price in Canada (Calgary, Montreal and Toronto) is 1,200.00 and it is sold at 0 online shops in Canada.
Google Pixelbook For Sale in Calgary, Saskatoon, Delta, Sudbury, Edmonton, Surrey, Fort McMurray, Thunder Bay, Halifax, Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver and shipping available for all cities in Canada.

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