GoPro Karma
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Category: Cameras, Drones

Key Features

  • Portable/ fold-up
  • Handheld Gimbal
  • Flight & video
  • 5inSize
  • Battery: 4hrs
  • iOS® 9, Android™ 4.1
  • Number of Axes: 3
  • Max Speed: 35mph

Price of GoPro Karma in Canada




Semi assembled / Fully assembled

FPV live video


Max range (Video/FPV)


Max range

3,000 m

Number of propellers


Primary use

Professional film production

Maximum extra lift weight






Dimensions (WxHxD)

303 × 117 × 411 mm

Propeller guard included



1,006 g



Gimbal support, LED lights, Mobile app for controlling features


Built-in camera







Wireless network (Wi-Fi)



Memory card reader


Power supply

Battery included


Battery capacity

5,100 mAh

Battery life

20 min

Battery type

Li-polymer (LiPo)

Charging time

60 min


14.8 V


Release year


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Review forGoPro Karma

The battle drones are now beginning as the world famous Action Camera manufacturers take on its part by introducing the new GoPro Karma, so which one is better? We find out which of these beauties take a worthy place in your collection. The GoPro Karma in Canada markets costs around CAD 1054 where as its biggest rival in the market name DJI Mavic Pro cost around CAD 988; the comparison of GoPro Karma Price in Canada (CAD) includes Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and all cities availabilities. But is the affordable price is the only reason to select best drone? Let us find out in detail.

Photo Gallery

The Battle: DJI Mavic vs Gopro Karma

Competition, as we all familiar with, there is all innovation, so it is always interesting to see how corporate giants are fighting for the leading position on the market, making their products better and better each and every day. First of all, if you haven’t understood why this comparison is important, we will explain it to you: actually GoPro has recently launched its first drone camera Codename ”Karma”, just a week later DJI official its Mavic new model to keep up the tough competition in the battle. Keep in your mind! Both of them do not have soft hardware.

What they have in common?


1. First of all, each of them are slightly compact but consider also as the first brands of Drones tries to make a new compact model earlier, and if in the case of smartphones account goes on millimeters, the situation is completely different actually It relays on the complete sizes. The Drone by GoPro has much more now because there are affordable blades looks suitable basically for transportation without having to pack it in any special backpack.

2. In fact the best comparison is with takeoff features, when there is no wind GoPro Karma drone can develop speed around 56 km per hour whereas DJI Mavic offers more speed around 65 km per hour. Both of them have good performances, but DJI is slightly fast.

3. Drones can fly not so log in the air actually it depend on the battery and how the consumption is. DJI Drone spends around 27 minutes in the air as compared to Gopro – 20 minutes. This duration for both is actually enough to head to hikes, lift all that you are in need of, and then land your drone change the battery cells and start the whole thing once again.

4. And the built-in camera of course is the most important thing inside the drone. Each DJI and GoPro Drone is equipped with a 3 axle stabilizer quite excellent in many occasions. Also the camera capabilities to make 4k videos equipped with 1 / 2,3 inches CMOS-sensor and can shoot video in 4K.


Karma has full support of the Hero 4 but not supports new Go Pro Hero5 Session and Black? This is actually one of the major reasons you need to know before buying a new Gopro Action Cameras. The DJI has support with Smartphones to control the Drone while Gopro has its own remote controller with built in touch screen; not an official right now details about compatibility with Smartphones.

Price Insights forGoPro Karma
The GoPro Karma is manufactured under the name Gopro Cameras and published on October 21, 2016 at 6:32 am.
Following product is from the category Cameras, Drones
The GoPro Karma Price in Canada (Calgary, Montreal and Toronto) is 799.00 and it is sold at 0 online shops in Canada.
GoPro Karma For Sale in Calgary, Saskatoon, Delta, Sudbury, Edmonton, Surrey, Fort McMurray, Thunder Bay, Halifax, Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver and shipping available for all cities in Canada.

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