Nvidia Shield TV 2017
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Nvidia Shield TV 2017 PRICE IN CANADA

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Price of Nvidia Shield TV 2017 in Canada


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Review forNvidia Shield TV 2017

We are big fans of Nvidia Shield TV 2017, including all updated versions of the original Shield TV from 2015. The new model of Nvidia Sheild Tv comes with several new features like dinky new design. Now the new model NVIDIA Sheild TV price in Canada is available; starting cost CAD260.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017– Design

The Nvidia Shield TV comes with Compact design. Those people who have a previous 2015 model, don’t think that they have an old version. The 2015 Version have the same experience as the 2017 edition. Now it has a different software to the 2017 model, remaining all the menu and app system are same, like Google Assistant voice control and Smart Thing smart home support. Also, you need the new Shield game controller for Assistant.

Other Features

Both versions 2015 and 2017 runs Android Nougat 7.0 and also have ability to access 4K (HDR) High Dynamic Range programming via Amazon video and You Tube, Netflix. You can also get GameStream games in 4K HDR.

If you are new to the device, so latest version is best for you. It will be a the better deal than before. Although it is smaller than previous model. It looks very gamey with its angled exterior panels, glowing green LEDs.

The Nvidia Shield TV 2017’s game controller has also redesigned.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017–Connections And Storage

The Nvidia Shield Tv’s back is easy, but well stocked. It comes with HDMI 2.0 Port and also supports HDCP 2.2 protection standard. It also has an ability to control your other home entertainment- allows different devices to connect each other and switch on by just one button press.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017– Video And Apps

The main purpose of the Nvidia Shield TV 2017 is to play video games and play it well. It is the only one Tv set that offers both Amazon and Netflix. The Amazons plays its own contents and Netflix in 4K. No other device offers both functions.

Nvidia Shield Tv 2017– Platform and Games

Nvidia Shield Tv 2017 is better for video quality and offers highest resolution and picture technology. The Tv box comes with Games controller. It offers Android TV platform, is updated with new version of software Android Nougat 7.0 and offers many games through Google Play Store.

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