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VR Headsets in Canada

Find VR Headsets Price in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal

Online Virtual Reality Headset VR Price in Canada - VR headset a heads-up display which allow users to experience and connect with a simulated situation through a first person view. It creates an impressive replacement of the user's environment through virtual reality content like movies, games from a 360 degree capturing camera.

There are two types of VR headsets available in the market- a high end system used for high performance on PC's and less complex devices is designed for user's smart phones, which shows VR contents.

If you want to buy VR headset, here are some features we mention below.

Virtual Reality VR Features

You will get a high definition, fully impressive, premium quality, highly entertaining VR headset 3D glasses.

It will support all smart phones with 4.7 inches to 6 inch screen, including iPhone 7, 6S, 6S plus, 6 and 6 plus. This VR headset is also suitable for Window and Android smart phones, including Samsung Galaxy, Google,Huawei, HTC, Sony etc.

The Virtual Reality headset is designed with adjustable focal length and abject distance to get a desirable and comfortable 3D gaming experience and 3D viewing also. It offers you optical Axis Sliding Control (ASC) function which enables you to lightly adjust the position of the spherical gum lens to have a better and more reliable 3D viewing experience.

The Virtual Reality headset offers 1000 inch large screen at the distance of 3m for a fully powerful, highly entertaining IMAX like entertainment.

This new VR headset equipped with the spherical gum lens material without provocation plastic to well reduce visual tiredness and dizziness, even you can use it for a long time period.

It is designed with adjustable and flexible head band with soft protector around the eye socket to give you comfort, usefulness and security.
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Russ Carson
2017-07-14 05:32:32

Similar sensors are equipped with modern smartphones, they allow the device to switch from portrait mode to landscape mode, depending on whether the user holds it vertically or horizontally.

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